Meeting the Visa Black Card Requirements

Meeting the Visa Black Card Requirements
Meeting the application requirements for the Visa Black credit card is not for the faint of credit. Barclays Bank has specifically set up this card to appeal to a certain elite group of card holders – the ones who think that a $495 annual fee is pocket change. Having said that, however, the Visa Black card comes with a stellar list of perks and benefits attached. In this post, learn about what it takes to meet the Visa Black card requirements and what you get if you qualify.

Be Among the One Percent
What is so intriguing about the Visa Black card is that, to date, Barclays Bank has been reluctant to share exactly what the approval requirements actually are. What they have said is that only approximately one percent of the population will be able to meet their approval qualifications.

But this is what has been gleaned from cardholder feedback:

– Excellent credit score. You must have excellent credit (at least 700+ for your credit score) to be considered.

– Excellent credit history. You must have an excellent credit history – especially when it comes to repaying balances and loans on time.

– Income history. Finally, you must have the income history to justify carrying a card only a reputed one percent of the nation can qualify for.

What You Get if You Win
If you are approved for the Visa Black credit card, after you pay your $495 annual fee (and an additional $195 for each additional user you authorize to carry a card linked to your account), you do get quite a menu of personalized services as well as some cash back perks.

Here is a basic overview:

– A carbon-based card. The Visa Black card is visually stunning – and it is literally made out of carbon, not plastic, so it has a certain heft in your hand that other cards cannot compete with. The card’s black patterned face is very distinctive looking as well.

– 24/7 personal concierge service. If you need (or just want) help with making travel arrangements, shopping, business services and more, you can call on Visa Black to handle it for you.

– Access to 350+ private airport lounges nationwide. If you like to wait out your layovers in a private members-only airport lounge, this card will get you in.

– Cash back rewards points. This is another grey area, but what cardholders report is earning 1 point per $1 spent – so about one percent cash back on purchases.

– Extra insurance. Travel delay or interruption insurance, lost baggage insurance, purchase security and other insurance against the things no one can control – all of these come along with the Visa Black card.

– Balance transfer promotions. If you want to transfer in balances when you activate your Visa Black card, you can do so at a zero percent APY for the first 15 months of card use.

Decisions, Decisions
Deciding which credit card to apply for can be a challenge in itself. There are a number of cards that can compete on the same level with the Visa Black credit card, and deciding which one of them is the best fit for you will simply come down to comparing the fees versus the perks against your lifestyle.

For example, the Visa Black card is great for cardholders who travel frequently – lots of the perks are geared towards making travel safer and more comfortable. So if you travel frequently you will definitely appreciate both the comforts and the assurances – there is never a time when a delayed flight or lost luggage is not a pain to deal with, and this is one card that is happy to take on those chores for you.

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