How to Calculate How Much to Pay a Babysitter

How to Calculate How Much to Pay a Babysitter
Like every other pricing index, babysitter pricing is definitely geographically based. The west coast and east coast lead the nation in the highest average rate per hour for a babysitter. Just to confuse the issue, in addition to babysitters there are nannies, which are a whole different issue and come with a different pay scale. Nannies typically work full time at a set hourly rate and have a whole set of duties that come with the position. A baby sitter is someone who comes into the home as needed to watch the children for a set period of time. says that the average rate per hour in the United States for 2014 is $13.44 for a baby sitter. However, there are many other variables that affect how you calculate a babysitter’s rate.

Some people have a base rate and then tip based on the factors below. So they may say that $12 is the base rate and then pay more for a really late night or chores they request. About half the parents say that they tip the babysitter. Others use the factors below to determine the babysitter’s base rate by adding amounts into a determined rate.

Geography – As mentioned before, location definitely affects rate. In your local area, rates are higher in areas where wealthier people live. You can save money by importing a sitter from another area.

Experience and age of the sitter – If your baby sitter is on the younger side or less experienced, you may choose to pay them a slightly lower rate. You wouldn’t pay an 11 year old who is watching your child for an hour while you go to the grocery the same as you would pay a 16 year old who has been watching your children for several years.

The number and age of your children – Typically each additional child would add a dollar or two to the hourly rate. The younger the children, the higher the rate. If your baby sitter is watching an infant, you may want to add a dollar or two to the hourly rate as infants require a great deal more care.

Chores – Definitely pay more if you ask the baby sitter to prepare a meal, do the dishes, clean up, or do laundry. It’s okay to ask for help, but make sure you consider that in the pay rate.

Involvement with the children – Most parents want to pay a baby sitter more when they who engage with the children and come up with games, activities and art projects to entertain the children. Definitely pay less if the baby sitter watches television with the children.

Special Occasions – Baby sitting rates will be higher on New Year’s Eve and other holidays where the baby sitter may want to celebrate with their families. You may add a dollar or two an hour.

Convenience – You may pay additional money if you call the baby sitter at the last minute. You will also need to recalculate if you return really later than you expected or ask the sitter to spend the entire night.

Baby sitter training – You will probably pay more for a baby sitter who has first aid and CPR training or who has taken the Red Cross baby sitting class.

Transportation – You may pay a little less if you provide transportation for the baby sitter. You will pay more if the sitter has their own transportation, especially if you ask them to pick up or transport your children.

As you can see, there are many factors that go into setting a rate to pay your babysitter. What matters most is that you and the sitter agree on a number and that you’re happy with their experience and dependability.

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