How Registering for Lowe’s Moving Program Saves You Money

How Registering for Lowe’s Moving Program Saves You Money
Whether you are moving to a new home across town or you have bigger plans to move to another state, you may be feeling the financial pinch associated with relocating. Everything from paying for security deposits on your new home to real estate agent fees can add up, and you may be looking for a great way to save money on your moving plans while also simplifying your efforts. Through the Lowe’s moving program, you may be able to save money on many of the expenses associated with moving.

How to Sign Up For the Lowe’s Moving Program
The Lowe’s moving program is easy to sign up for. You simply have to visit the registration page online, and complete the form to be registered. This will enable you to begin receiving special coupons and money-saving offers immediately, and you may continue to receive them until your moving day. You can also sign up for the program by visiting your local Lowe’s home improvement store. There is no cost to sign up for the Lowe’s moving program, and it only takes a few minutes to do. Your contact information will be kept confidential. As you can see, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by enrolling in this money-saving program.

What to Expect From the Program
Through Lowe’s, you will have access to a wide range of moving supplies and packing materials, and this includes everything from moving boxes and bubble wrap to protect your fragile items to furniture dollies, hand trucks, box kits, storage containers and more. You will also find packing tape, stretch wrap, moving blankets and even tie downs through the store. When you enroll in the moving program, you will benefit from savings and special offers on the supplies carried in the store, and these may include both in-store and online purchases.

You can also receive savings and discounts on some services through affiliated moving partners. These include Pack Rat, Advantage Inspection, Allied, Nationwide Insurance and North American Moving Services. These affiliated service providers all provide additional services that you may need access to when you move, so the savings available to you through the Lowe’s moving program can be considerable.

Other Ways to Save Money on Your Moving Supplies
If you are looking for additional ways to save money on your moving supplies, packing materials and other related equipment, you may consider applying for a Lowe’s credit card. If you qualify for the Lowe’s credit card, you will receive five percent off of your purchases you make with the card every day, and this can save you a small bundle as you relocate as well as when making repairs to your new home. The credit card also comes with the alternative offer of special financing options for six months, and both of these make it more affordable for you to purchase many of the items you may need when relocating to a new home.

Other Resources Available Through Lowe’s
Lowe’s truly strives to be your reliable and trusted partner with all aspects of moving as well as home improvement. There are a number of wonderful resources available to you through the Lowe’s website that can further facilitate your efforts. For example, there are checklists online for Before You Sell, First Month To-Do, Home Inspection and Open House. There are also moving tips, new house checklists and resources to help you find local professionals who may help you with various projects related to moving.

Whether you have just started getting your current home ready to list on the market for sale or you are actively preparing to move within the next few weeks, there is no better time than now to start saving money through the Lowe’s moving program. You can sign up today through your home computer in a matter of minutes, and you can immediately start to learn about special savings offers available.

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