Grocery Saving 101: How to Extreme Coupon

How to Extreme Coupon
Each year, individuals and families spend thousands of dollars at the supermarket on groceries and other essentials each year. With the cost of food and other essentials on the rise, many families have taken Grocery Saving 101: How to Extreme Coupon to learn how to save a significant amount of money at the supermarket.

Learning how to extreme coupon is not difficult to do, but the process itself takes time, patience and dedication. In addition, you will also need additional storage place where you can store items you purchase in bulk and will use over time. As you start to discover how much money you can save on groceries, you will start to enjoy the process.

Start Clipping and Organizing Your Coupons
The first thing you will need to start saving money on groceries are many different coupons in all the different categories. The more coupons you have on hand at any given time the more money you will save over time. Most people who clip coupons have several coupons clipped for the same item. Then they go out and find a sale for that item and purchase it in bulk for extra savings.

There are many different places to begin your search for coupons to use at the supermarket. The most common place that people look for coupons are newspapers pullouts and coupon websites online that allow you to print out as many coupons as you like free of charge. You also want to check supermarket circulars for additional coupons that can be used in combination with other coupons you have clipped as well.

Make a List of All The Things You Need
Before heading out to the store to save money, you really need to think about what you need to stock up on and what you do not need. However, as many shoppers can confirm extreme couponing involves grabbing a good deal when you find one. This is one of the many reasons why shoppers who use extreme coupons wind up stocking up on things that they think they need, but can do without.

Planning Your Trip to The Supermarket
The next step in the process is to learn more about your local supermarkets and find out when sales start and end. Every supermarket chain does things a little bit different, so shoppers need to take the time to learn how to use their coupons at the various supermarkets in their neighborhood for further savings. In addition to double coupons or buy one get one free offers, you should take the time to discover other programs that supermarkets offer that help shopper stretch their dollars.

Set Your Budget Before You Start Spending
Once you have a handle on what coupons will be accepted and which ones will not, then it is time to start planning your trips to various local supermarkets throughout the week. Before heading out, come up with a plan on how much you are willing to spend and how much you want to save. By doing all the math ahead of time, you will have a good idea of just how much you stand to save at the supermarket. In addition, by getting organized before you head out you will know exactly how much you should pay for every item you intend to purchase in bulk.

Time to Start Shopping
Once you know when all the sales start and where to go, it is time to get all of your coupons ready and head out the door. In addition to collecting coupons, extreme couponers also take the time to collect all of the circulars from all the different supermarkets. Many of these circulars are also available online and can be downloaded to a mobile phone. Supermarket circulars are very useful because they provide all the information that shoppers need to plan their trips to all the various supermarkets ahead of time.

By taking the time to gather coupons, become familiar with all the coupon policies for supermarkets in your area and checking the circulars for prices and sales, you will be on your way to saving up to 90% or more on your groceries and other household items you purchase in bulk each time you visit the supermarket.

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