Choosing a Holiday Party Venue

Choosing a Holiday Party Venue
Each party planner must decide not only what sort of holiday party to have, but also where to hold the company party, dinner or event during the holiday season. When it comes to company holiday parties, treating your employee base definitely has short and long term benefits. A party grants immediate enjoyment and a sense of relaxation from work-related endeavors. Employees remember the generosity shown to them as a reward for their ongoing labor.

For a holiday party to be considered highly successful, party planners must take numerous factors into consideration. Group events often fail to include all of the planned participants, leaving some employees out of the fun. This is easily remedied by taking the time to choose a venue for your party or event that works well for everyone in the group.

Size is important

First and foremost, party planners must decide how many guests any venue needs to accommodate. Fitting a group of any size into the right venue is also dependent upon what type of party, dinner or gathering will be held. A group entertained with musical entertainment is going to need a large enough dance floor. Likewise, a formal luncheon or dinner must be held in a room that will comfortably fit a sufficient amount of tables and chairs.

Sit-down dinners, buffets, food stations and cocktail parties all have space requirements of their own. This makes sure guests do not feel overly crowded or confined. It also allows servers to quickly deliver food and drinks to their tables. If a party is to include entire families, then creating a play area for youngsters and teens could be a definite option to look into. Generally, most parents will approve.

Location, location, location

The anthem of real estate agents everywhere is just as noteworthy when selecting the best venue for your party. For some party planners, a choice of location comes first. From that point, they investigate local restaurants, hotels and catering halls which can properly accommodate the size of the group. Other planners find themselves exploring new and creative places to hold their gathering, while later taking into consideration the “convenience-factor” offered by these locales.

When looking into how convenient a venue is for your upcoming gathering, make sure it is easy to find on both an online and paper map. Your party guests will be more likely to attend if the venue is located near a major thoroughfare or highway. Where applicable, locations that are reachable by public transportation also strike a positive chord with employees who may not drive or have their own automobile.

Look into late-night lodgings

One thing that inexperienced party planners tend to forget, is when the party is scheduled in relation to where most of their employees live or work. When planning a party that can go late into the evening, holding it at or near a hotel is an excellent idea. This allows guests who are either too tired or intoxicated to drive home a safe place to stay. To make it additionally worthwhile, hotels often extend reduced rates to groups renting out their event rooms.

On-site services can be budget friendly

Overnight accommodations are just one of the many on-site services that a particular venue may offer. The more services available at your venue, the fewer outside vendors that you have to enlist. This is one way to keep party costs down, as on-site services do not have to travel to your locale and set up such things as catering services from scratch. Venues that have their own valet parking, media, lighting or entertainment may include such services into their contract as a “thank you” for choosing them over the competition.

To begin, make a list of what parties held in past years got “right” and got “wrong.” Continue to go with the positive aspects of prior parties, while making a plan to remedy and eliminate items that were not up to par. With simple advanced planning, your next holiday party venue will be the best one yet.

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