5 Unusual Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything

5 Unusual Gift Ideas for the Person Who Has Everything
Everyone has somebody on their list during the holidays who is hard to shop for, because they seem to already have everything! For people like this, you need to think outside the box a bit when choosing their gifts. With a little bit of creativity, you can really wow them this holiday season with a gift they will not soon forget.

Does the person on your list seem to have every earthly possession? Then try looking in space! There are a whole bunch of websites online that allow you to purchase and name a star for a lucky recipient. Generally, your purchase comes with certificates and documentation that show that the star is yours, along with a star chart that will allow you to easily find your star in the sky. This is a fun and unique gift for kids and adults alike. Getting their very own star will be a memory that is sure to stand out when they think back on the holidays.

If a person seems to have everything, then a great gift to give is not something material – but an experience. This could be anything from concert tickets to wine tastings, kayaking excursions to cooking classes. The possibilities are almost endless, and instead of having another thing they don’t need, they will have a fond memory or a new skill. What better thing to give somebody who doesn’t seem to need anything than that?

If your gift recipient is a person who enjoys having a box to open, there are plenty of companies that provide subscription services for people with a wide variety of interests. For a monthly fee, the person on your list could get a box delivered to their house filled with a selection of make-up, pet supplies, health and wellness items, unique and interesting food… this will provide your recipient with a bunch of exciting experiences each month, as opposed to one (potentially disappointing) gift all at once.

A creative gift that will stand out this holiday season is something monogrammed! You can get a huge variety of items online monogrammed with the recipient’s initials. There are plenty of websites that will engrave anything and everything, including necklaces, bathrobes, and even metal lighters. While the customer might have the item itself, they probably won’t have a monogrammed version that they can call their very own.

Sometimes the best gifts for a person who seems to have everything are the most practical ones. Your recipient might have the latest gadgets and luxuries, but try to think a little more basic. Might they like a brand new pair of house slippers or a soft blanket, or maybe a new set of dishes? While these household items may seem like obvious choices, you would be surprised at how often they get ignored by gift givers trying to “wow” the recipient with a new electronic or gizmo that they probably already have. Your basic gift will be thoughtful in contrast, and will definitely be appreciated.

Is the person on your list a philanthropist? Sometimes the most thoughtful gift to give someone is a gift for someone else. There are plenty of charities that allow you to make a gift donation on the recipient’s behalf. Not only will this be appreciated, it will make the recipient feel great and fulfilled in a way that a material purchase might not.

While the person with everything might seem hard to shop for at first, you really just have to think a little bit creatively. With a little bit of thought about the person’s likes, dislikes, hobbies, and interests, your gift is sure to be remembered for holidays to come.

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