5 Holiday Office Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love

5 Holiday Office Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Love
While the holiday season can bring many fun festivities, such as parties and other communal activities with friends and family, navigating workplace holiday happenings often brings its own set of unique challenges. One has to deal with the potential complications that can result from different levels of authority within the workplace, as one typically has different kinds of workplace relationships with peers, subordinates, and superiors.

Also, individuals working in large organizations may not know all of their coworkers very well, making it difficult to understand their personal preferences and beliefs with respect to holiday traditions and gift giving. And beyond this issue, most of us must operate within a budget and keep expenses low. So how do you choose the perfect gift for your coworker with so much to consider?

Be Aware of Cultural Differences
As most workplaces are home to workers with a diversity of cultural backgrounds, holiday traditions, and faith-based affiliations, it is important to avoid any type of gift that could be construed as offensive. Gifting a calendar with depictions of the Nativity scene may on the surface appear as a suitable gift, but it could potentially offend coworkers who do not have a background in the Christian faith. It is important to maintain strong relationships in the workplace and avoid making enemies unless absolutely necessary to facilitate future career progression and improvement. For these reasons it is recommended that holiday office gifts be affordable, practical, and gifted with cultural differences in mind to avoid potential negative outcomes. Five potential gift possibilities that meet these requirements are outlined below in more detail.

Food and Drink
Everybody loves delicious treats — especially at the holidays! Consider giving your coworkers a tasty snack or beverage. If there is a restaurant that is especially popular in your area, perhaps a gift certificate to this destination would be ideal. At the same time, try to be aware if anyone has any specific allergies or religious prohibitions from consuming specific types of food. For example, Muslims and Jews do not consume pork products and may have other dietary restrictions.

Simple Electronic Accessories
We live in an increasingly interconnected world and everyone uses a range of electronic gadgets on a daily basis for communication and entertainment. Consider purchasing someone a new set of ear buds or perhaps an additional cell phone charger. Such items are affordable and useful for everyone.

Tickets to Events
The holidays generally bring a range of different events, from holiday-themed concerts to light displays. Tickets to these types of events can make great gifts and give someone the opportunity to engage in a fun activity outside the workplace with their family or friends. Beyond specifically holiday-themed events, one could also consider giving tickets to a local sporting event, comedy show, or other exhibition.

Plants or Flowers
A potted plant or vase of colorful flowers will be sure to put a smile on the face of any coworker during the frequently dreary and cold holiday months. Poinsettias are a popular choice for many during the holiday season, but in reality, any type of plant or flower would be a great choice as gift. Coworkers can choose to leave such a plant in the workplace or take it home with them.

Winter Clothing Accessories
Most parts of the world generally experience colder temperatures and harsher climate conditions during the winter holidays. People must wear warmer clothing and bundle up with gloves, hats, and scarves to stay warm. Consider gifting winter accessories. Gloves, hats, and scarves are indeed simple gifts, but undoubtedly useful and affordable — and something that is good to have plenty of when winter hits. In the cold weather, everyone can appreciate staying warm.

Be Creative and Have Fun with Your Gifts
Gift giving in the workplace may be more challenging than purchasing gifts for your family and friends, but do not be overwhelmed. All the options above serve as great choices, but do not be afraid to be creative and think of other possibilities on your own. For instance, if you know a coworker was an English major, he or she might like a Lego minifigure of Shakespeare or another favorite author for his or her desk. Have fun!

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