5 Best Mobile Coupon Apps for Holiday Deals

5 Best Mobile Coupon Apps for Holiday Deals
Clipping coupons can save shoppers a lot of money over the holidays. But the nature of couponing has changed: Some retailers still issue paper coupons to their customers, but many others have ventured into the mobile age. Shoppers with a smartphone can take advantage of at least five mobile coupon apps for holiday deals this year.

Multiple discount sources can help shoppers to stack their savings, but deciding on how to save the greatest amount of money this season can require spending some time with a calculator. If a big box retailer offers deeper discounts for a purchase of three units, it is up to the shopper to decide if he or she actually needs more than one. Some mobile apps calculate the cost per unit to make buying an efficient and enjoyable process.

Smartphone Mobile App Coupon Savings
Shopping with coupons is smart but finding paper coupons in a store checkout line can be a chore. Many shoppers know that their smartphone is a tremendous tool for savings. For example, many money-saving mobile apps work after purchasing an item at the store. It is possible to use them to capture savings from a comfortable arm chair at home. Use these mobile apps this year:

Ibotta, available for Android and iOS mobile devices, allows the shopper to incorporate coupons from various local stores. The app makes it easy for shoppers to find coupons they want to use at the stores they shop. To identify available deals, complete the purchase, scan the item barcode, and capture a copy of the receipt. Shoppers receive savings after submission and approval.

Cartwheel, available for Android and iOS mobile devices, helps shoppers save money at Target. There is no need to use paper coupons to save money at Target with this app. The shopper begins by browsing items he or she is interested in, then clicks on an add button. At checkout, the Target cashier scans a custom barcode that includes all items added during the shopping trip. The Cartwheel mobile app greatly simplifies shopping for toys, sporting goods, housewares, and clothing purchased at Target.

Favado, available for Android and iOS mobile devices, is an aggregating tool. It identifies and collects all of the sales available within the shopper’s location. Poring through Sunday paper ads is unnecessary. The shopper can select his or her favorite stores, such as CVS or Trader Joe’s, then Favado lists the items for sale at each store.

Berrycart, available for Android and iOS mobile devices, is similar to Ibotta. The shopper uses his or her phone to scan and capture an image of the receipt to save money. Shoppers purchasing healthy natural foods over the holiday season will appreciate Berrycart. Get cash back on specialty food items that are not frequently discounted with Berrycart.

Snap, available for Android and iOS mobile devices, is a Groupon invention. The app allows shoppers to access deals on a wide variety of items, from over the counter cold medicines to spaghetti sauce. Some deals, like ‘any type of fresh (insert type) fish’ or ‘any apples’ can help shoppers save money on fresh, wholesome foods. Start by scanning the shopping receipt. The shopper is not limited to specific stores when using the Snap mobile app.

Couponing and cash back from favorite retail stores has never been easier. Don’t forget to use a referral site to get cash back or rebates on every order. For instance, the ebates mobile app makes it easy to shop at favorite online e-tail sites. Each quarter, the shopper can elect to receive a physical check, a PayPal deposit, or an Amazon gift card.

The decision to try new mobile apps can save shoppers money this holiday season and throughout the year. Try a grocery store coupon app to save money on food purchases without clipping coupons. Remember to notify the retailer if a coupon does not work. Shoppers are likely to receive extra savings by providing valuable feedback.

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