3 Ways to Save With AMEX Car Rental Insurance

3 Ways to Save With AMEX Car Rental Insurance
If you rent cars for business or pleasure, then you should consider signing up for Amex Car rental insurance. Anyone with an American Express card can enroll in the insurance program even if they do not currently have a rental they would like to insure. With this car rental insurance, drivers have the added reassurance of knowing that they have flat rate car rental insurance coverage in place should they need to rent a car in the future.

Unlike Other Auto Insurance Coverage For Car Rentals
The Amex Car Rental Insurance program is definitely a step above the insurance that is often provided with select American Express credit cards. It is also a lot cheaper than car rental insurance provided by most of the car insurance companies. One significant benefit of this insurance coverage is that drivers who do not have an automobile or personal auto policy can sign up for an auto rental policy from AMEX that they can use to cover a car rental for up to 42 days in most states.

One Low Flat Rate That Covers Your Entire Car Rental
To use the insurance, drivers simply have to pay one low flat fee each time they rent a vehicle. The fee is under $30 USD per car rental not per day. Although it is an excellent choice for drivers who rent cars, drivers still need to take the time to review the coverage to make certain that their AMEX car rental insurance policy provides all the coverage that they need.

What is unique about car rental insurance from AMEX, is that drivers do not pay for car rental insurance on a daily basis. In most states, drivers can have their rental covered by Amex for up to 42 days and only pay once for car insurance. However, there may be other exceptions and drivers in Washington are only covered for up to 30 days at a time.

With one low flat rate, drivers stand to save a significant amount of money over time. Most car rental companies offer comparable insurance to renters at or below the same price on a daily basis. Drivers often wind up paying hundreds to thousands of dollars each time they rent a car.

No Deposits, Daily, Weekly or Monthly Insurance Premiums
When signing up to secure a policy, renters do not have to generate a quote or pay a premium. Instead, renters are asked to pay one low flat fee that applies to everyone. Flat rates are under $30 USD. In addition, drivers can choose from two available options. Once the driver pays for the coverage, the driver does not have to use the coverage right away. The actual coverage does not go into effect until the driver actually rents a vehicle. Then the coverage is effective for the entire car rental period for up to 42 days in most states. Drivers should read the terms and conditions of the policy for a clear understanding of any restrictions.

No Deductibles or Out-of-Pocket Expenses For Drivers
In addition to all the other ways to save, the Amex car rental insurance policy does not have any deductibles, so renters who have to file a claim never have to worry about making any out-of-pocket payments. By signing up for car rental insurance from Amex, drivers will have the added reassurance that if something does happen they will not lose money should they ever have to file a claim. This is the third way that Amex car rental insurance can help drivers save money.

Although there are some restrictions and Amex car rental insurance does not offer liability, uninsured motorist or disability insurance, it still pays to sign for car insurance from this company to cover damage and theft. The company’s low flat rate coverage can help drivers save a significant amount of money on car rental insurance in three different ways over time. In addition to the company’s low flat rates, drivers who have this car insurance never have to pay a deductible should they need to file a claim and there are no monthly premiums that need to be paid as well.

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