3 Reasons to Open an Orange Everyday ING Account

The Orange Everyday ING DIRECT account is a winner for many reasons. For customers exhausted by monthly required banking fees, the Orange Everyday ING account will the a breath of fresh air (it is fee-free). Plus, this account comes with lots of other valuable freebies as well. In this post, learn what you need to know about why opening an Orange Everyday ING account is worth it.

Reason #1: Fee-Free Plus Other Freebies
With very few exceptions, everything about the ING DIRECT account is free to customers. For example, there are no account maintenance fees, no minimum balance fees, no card replacement fees and no stop payment fees.

Here is a list of all the freebies included in the Orange Everyday ING account:

– Replacement card (regular mail or rush order).
– Stop payment on a check.
– Additional blank checks.
– Monthly account maintenance.
– Transfer funds.

With Orange Everyday, You Actually Earn Cash
This unique account also gives customers incentives to earn extra cash while going about their daily business.

Here is a list of ways you can earn when you open an ING DIRECT account:

– Earn $0.50 for every ATM withdrawal of $200 or more.
– Earn up to 3.5 percent interest when you use direct deposit to deposit your paycheck (must be in the amount of $1,000 or more to qualify).
– Earn up to 2 percent cash back when you use your PayWave Visa to make purchases (of $100 or less) AND you deposit your paycheck via direct deposit ($1000+).
– Get free ATM usage for the month when you deposit your paycheck via direct deposit ($1000+) OR you have an ING home loan.

Reason #2: Complementary Savings Account Options
If you are working towards establishing an emergency fund or a retirement account, the ING Orange Everyday checking account pairs very well with a number of ING DIRECT savings account products that you can choose from.

Here is an overview of the various savings account options:

– Savings Accelerator. You can earn up to 2.5 percent APY when you keep a balance of anywhere from $50,000 to $149,000.
– Savings Maximiser. You can earn up to 3.5 percent APY on a balance of any amount so long as you also have an Orange Everyday ING account and you deposit your monthly paycheck (of $1000+) via direct deposit each month.
– Personal term deposit. With the personal term deposit account, you deposit funds in the amount of $10,000 or greater for a term of 180 days and earn 2.9 percent APY. You can also earn an additional bonus when you hold the funds in the account until the termination date.

TIP: The best pairing to get the most benefits is to open an Orange Everyday ING account and then also open a Savings Maximiser account.

Reason #3: ING Offers Lots of Helpful Tools
In addition to the Orange Everyday ING account, the Savings Maximiser account and many other perks that come along with both, you can take advantage of a number of online tools that ING offers to its customers. Some of the best tools come in the form of calculators to help you with budgeting, savings and investing.

You can also read a number of educational guides on topics such as starting and maintaining an emergency fund, reaching your savings goals, keeping a budget and selecting savings vehicles. These tools can help you hit the ground running with your new checking and savings accounts as you take control of your personal finances.

With these three powerful reasons to open an Orange Everyday ING account, you will be able to feel confident to open your new account and harness the full benefit of the tools, resources and perks available to you.

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