How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget
The wedding day is the single most important event of a couple’s life, and naturally, no one wants to skimp on the budget. However, with some savvy financial planning, it is possible to save serious cash without sacrificing any glitz or extravagance. By using this guide, a dream ceremony can be unlocked with very few unnecessary expenses. Here are some tricks for astute planners to save up without scaling down your big moment:

Ditch the DJ and Wedding Band
Performers can cost you tons of dollars, and they are often less reliable than an MP3 player or jukebox. While the ambiance may feel a little lacking, the free music can be selected to perfectly match the couple’s preferences. Without any singers present, your guests may feel less self-conscious, so a big dance party can ensue.

Avoid Bridal Salons!
There is nothing wrong with picking out a beautiful gown off the rack or even secondhand. No one will know the difference, and you will instantly squirrel away thousands! Similarly, consider replacing the veil with a floral hairpiece.

Accept Planning Assistance as a Gift
If the wedding still seems too expensive, then simply ask your guests to pitch in instead of bringing presents. Their financial help will be invaluable, especially if you two aren’t materialistic. Now is the perfect time to convert that registry into a donation bin!

Take Advantage of Home Ceremonies
Most venues charge exorbitant fees for weddings, but most houses are equipped with the basics that you’ll need. As such, you can do you wallet a favor by walking down the aisle in a family member’s residential abode.

Make the Reception a Club Outing
To skip costly meals and catering expenses, just hit the bars for a more casual hang-out session. If the budget is extra tight, then just inform the patrons that their tabs cannot covered by the house. Please let your guests know ahead of time, then eschew the traditional dinner party entirely.

Don’t Expect to Buy and Return the Tux
Whenever a purchased tuxedo is returned, the vendor most likely will deduct a rental fee from your refund. This practice has become practically unavoidable, so just acquiesce and pay for the loan up front.

Say No to a Full Open Bar
By personally stocking the liquor cabinets, you can determine exactly how much is spent on booze at the wedding party. If alcohol does run out, someone will likely volunteer to run and grab more for everyone.

Limit That Guest List
Each attendee may look like just another wedding gift on paper, but every person requires unique accommodations. To limit the amount of social and economic strains, only invite the most essential people.

Watch Out for Pricey Flowers
If you pick the wrong botanical accessories, you can expect some extraordinary debt. Unbeknownst to most planners, you have to ask for flowers that are in season locally; otherwise, they will assess major fines for the import of rarer petals.

Avoid Mark-Ups by Pretending It’s a Different Kind of Celebration
A lot of vendors incorporate the shady practice of charging brides and grooms far more than their other customers. While there are a lot of reasons for this price-gouging tactic, it is something to try and avoid. This is easy to do when you provide a false impression of the event in question. Just fake a platonic friendship while skipping words like “wedding” and “fiance.”

Don’t Blow the Remainder on a Honeymoon
After all these savings have accumulated, it is important for the bride and groom to exercise self-control during their subsequent getaway. While it may seem romantic to lounge in excess, this will merely counteract all of your planning efforts. A simple destination should also be chosen. Stow the money away before you go play!

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