Best Credit Cards for Shopping on Amazon

Best Credit Cards for Shopping on Amazon
If you do most of your shopping on Amazon, it would make sense to find a rewards card that will help you make the most of your purchases. Read on for the best rewards cards for Amazon shoppers.

Amazon Rewards Visa
The Amazon Rewards Visa card is ideal for your Amazon purchases and the things you buy on a regular basis. You’ll get three points for every dollar spent on eligible purchases, which translates to 3% cash back. You’ll get two points for every dollar spent on gas, at restaurants, on office supplies and at drugstores. For all other purchases, you’ll get one point per dollar.

You can use your rewards for Amazon purchases as well as other types of purchases. You can also redeem your points for a check or a travel gift card. There’s no annual fee and you can get a $40 gift card or account credit as a signup bonus.

The drawback to this card is that you’ll have to have 2,500 points accrued before you’re able to get the $25 gift certificate. However, you can use the points that you’ve earned to shop directly on Amazon.

American Express Blue Cash Preferred
The American Express Blue Cash Preferred card gets you 6% back when you shop at a grocery store, plus 3% back at gas stations and department stores, and 1% back on all of your other purchases. Some Amazon purchases are considered department store purchases, so you’ll be able to reap the 3% cash back on those purchases. You can also purchase gift cards to your favorite stores at the grocery store to get the 6% cash back.

If you shop a lot at the grocery store and department stores, this is an ideal rewards card for you. Thanks to American Express’ credit management website, you can redeem your rewards at any point without having to wait until a certain time in the billing cycle. There’s also a welcome bonus of $100 when you charge over $500 within your first 60 days.

Unlike some other rewards cards, though, there is an annual fee of $75. If you aim to get the 6% cash back as often as possible, you’ll need to spend more than $1,250 total to offset the cost of the annual fee. Or, you’ll need to spend $2,500 annual at department stores to make the 3% fee offset the annual fee. If you spend that much on grocery or department store purchases, the fee won’t matter; if you don’t, you may be better suited to a different card.

Citi Forward Visa
If you love entertainment and gourmet food, the Citi Forward Visa is for you. Some even consider this the best rewards card for Amazon shoppers, saying it’s even better than the Visa card from Amazon itself. You’ll get five points for every $1 you spend on entertainment purchases, including movies, books, musics and restaurants. You’ll also get one point for every dollar spent on all of your other purchases.

Since Citi Forward thinks of Amazon as a bookstore, you’ll get the five entertainment rewards points for anything you purchase at, even if it’s not actually entertainment related. However, note that those points may not be applied to purchases from the Amazon marketplace.

If you’re a Citibank customer with bank accounts, you can earn points even faster. There’s also a 6,000 point bonus if you make $250 in purchases during your first three months. If you opt for paper-less statements, you’ll get 2,500 bonus points.

The drawback to this card is that you earn points through the Citibank ThankYou Rewards program instead of directly earning the 1% of 5% cash back. You’ll need a certain number of points before you can trade them in for cash back. There are other cards out there that have less confusing redemption options.

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