How Many Steps To An Online Success Story

How Many Steps To An Online Success Story

You may have seen headlines like this:

"21 Steps to a Successful Business"
"7 Steps to making a Million"
"12 Tips to Running Your Online Business"

etc, etc, ad nauseam.

When you trawl the internet searching for ways to earn yourself a decent income and secure a prosperous future for your family, beware!

There are many thousands of ready-made websites sitting waiting for you, dangling what looks like delicious bait, waiting for anyone to try a nibble. They will have a headline that is designed to capture your attention. You take the bait. You get reeled in and then end up spending a ton of your hard-earned money on things you don't need and will probably never use again!

This is an all too familiar story and one that has been around probably since the inception of advertising. With direct mail marketing, even import and export courses. Can you remember those? Things haven't really changed, the bait which is dangled in front of you has. It's attention grabbing headlines like those above, which sound great that pull you in. So beware!

So really, aside from the headlines, how many steps does it take to become successful? Well, here it is. Are ready for this?

It takes three steps! Yes only three. Not seven or twelve or sixteen.

Here they are in all their glory!

1. Find a product or a service which is wanted or needed.
2. Build a website designed to sell and promote that product or service.
3. Market your product or service, letting potential customers know you/it exists.

I know there are many steps involved in the design and production of a product. No matter where you are on your journey through entrepreneurship, whatever stage you are at during this process you will be able to put your efforts into one of those categories I have listed above.

If, for example you have finished the first two steps above of finding a good product you would like to sell and you have built a website, now all you need are customers. This process would be placed under the third category of marketing and/or advertising.

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