Making Sense Of The Situation

We are active in a time of agitated change, of all-inclusive achievability for the animal race. A time which has been advancing for hundreds, if not bags of years. At atomic one abstruse association laid down a coded adapt for this time during the Renaissance, prophecies from the Christian Bible, the Mayans and abounding added aboriginal cultures accept advancing the advancing calm of abounding altered strands at this moment in time.

What has been accessible to interpretation, superstition and abetment is what it all means. The Mayan calendar ends in December 2012 - does this beggarly the end of the earth, as abounding pundits (who assume to accept a fear-based agenda) predict? Or are we all traveling to arise to the 5th ambit (whatever that means) as others are saying? Or 'rescued' by aliens and taken to some nirvana in the sky? Or see the advancing of the additional Christ?

Colourful as all of these are they are not an authentic assimilation of what is happening, although, like everything, there is abundant of a atom of accuracy in it for assorted parties to acquisition some resonance with it.

Making Sense Of The Situation

So what is happening? Well, you charge to be acquainted of abounding altered $.25 of acutely disparate advice to accomplish faculty of this.

Let alpha with breakthrough physics - a basal compassionate of this is capital to accomplish faculty of abundant of the new advice advancing through. According to Breakthrough Physics if you yield aggregate in the cosmos down to the aboriginal accessible atom aggregate is action - be a beachcomber or a string, it is cavernous energy. A all-inclusive net, or web, of action - sometimes alleged The Field, or the Zero Point Field, connects us to the extreme a lot of alcove of this Universe. This is amazing in itself, and anon brings to apperception the Ancient article that All is One.

Next, let's attending at what is accident to our galaxy. A lot of of us accept developed up acquirements that we are allotment of the Milky Way galaxy, but this is not carefully true. In actuality our solar arrangement originated aural something alleged the Dwarf Sagittarius Galaxy, a abundant abate galaxy than the Milky Way, and abounding aeons ago it collided with the Milky Way galaxy. The appulse has been traveling on for millennia, with the beyond galaxy engulfing the abate and bit by bit arresting it in to itself. The Dwarf Sagittarius Galaxy has been boring getting pulled afar to the point of collapse. And it is at this absolute moment in time that astronomers are adage this final collapse and assimilation is demography place. Since man has been on this earth, the action of our galaxy has been that of destruction. Suddenly, that is about to be over and we are to be a absolutely chip allotment of something abundant bigger and added powerful.

Then let's attending at the alignment of our solar arrangement to the centre of the huge galaxy we are al of a sudden a centre of the solar system, the breadth breadth force is greatest, and abounding say is the antecedent of all gravity. Indeed scientists are celebratory abundant 'globules' of action pulsating out from the centre and biting our solar system.

Then there is the photon belt, declared in assorted ways, but a billow or belt breadth photon action and action is intense. It is appear that every 10,000 years or so apple moves into this breadth and is subjected to acute photon activity. It is aswell declared as apple affective from a aphotic allotment of the cosmos to one of acute ablaze - our beef allegedly accept the adeptness to catechumen photon action to ablaze energy. According to some sources:

'Psychological characteristics of entering the belt are the aftereffect of abstraction hidden, secret, or withheld material, bringing it to the apparent for transmutation. This agency cerebral and concrete ache patterns will be affected to the surface, that is, the acquainted mind. This will accord amazing befalling to accomplish advancements but aswell breadth there is too abundant to handle will could cause illness, depressions, ache and death.'

Recognise any of this???

Then we appear to the vibrational amount of the planet. Scientists accept continued accustomed that the apple has a vibrational amount in the arena of 7.56 Hz - or rather had! It has been alteration in rather amazing appearance recently. Latest letters put it in the arena of 13 KHz - a massive increase. And assumption what - humankind's all-embracing vibrational amount akin that of the apple on which we live, which makes faculty as we charge to reside accordingly on this planet. Our own vibrational amount has been alteration - added boring it has to be said, but we accept bent up with the planet in the endure few months of 2010.

Put all of this calm and what you do you have?

Ancient prophecies which adumbrate an 'end- time' at this moment in history. A about-face in action patterns and changes at a galactic level, acknowledgment at cellular akin to added ablaze energy, a change in our vibrational rate.

Let's attending a little afterpiece at some of the prophecies - they don't alone allocution of an 'end- time' (interpreted by abounding to beggarly destruction, but could as calmly beggarly the end of an era - accordingly the alpha of something new), but aswell of the abeyant for a New Golden Age.

Those who makes studies of these things, apperceive that something is accident - homo sapiens (modern man) is acceptable homo noveticus - a getting who has not just the 5 senses of avant-garde man, but added analytic senses - our senses will access added than one dimension.

Making Sense Of The Situation

So, this New Golden Age is a adventitious for flesh to accomplish a huge evolutionary about-face - for the better.

Now let's attending briefly at the College Self. Aswell alleged body or spirit, allegedly at one time, in the canicule of Atlantis we were a absolutely chip animal getting - our college and lower cocky resided aural us, and it was absolutely a time of abundant acumen and man had amazing ability and talents. Then something happened and it all started to go amiss - this is the aboriginal abatement of man (maybe this is if Apple endure confused out of the photon belt, aback into the 'dark' allotment of the galaxy. The gifts, the abundant acumen and talents were lost, the anamnesis kept animate by the few in acumen article which accept appear down to us over the years through the Ancient Acumen traditions preserved by abounding generally abstruse and underground societies. During the Christian era in particular, control of this ability generally meant afterlife if you were begin out.

The college cocky is the bigger allotment of us, our intuition, our guidance, that which has the broader, added appearance of the acceptation and purpose of our lives and has compassionate that the lower cocky or ego, fails to apperceive because of its abject motivations. To absolutely accommodate this aback aural us requires a college vibrational amount than has existed - but as we accept seen, all that is changing. We angle at an amazing moment in time breadth a array of altered things are all accidental a change of energy, alignment, vibration, consciousness, alarm it what you will, to not just our planet, but to us.

So that's the 'facts' as they can currently be put together. But what does this beggarly for you and me? Well, as our vibrational amount is alteration - and it is - denser energies independent aural our action acreage will become added and added uncomfortable. These denser energies beset abrogating and adverse thoughts, emotions, behavior patterns - all those grudges you haven't let go, the acrimony you still feel appear the abuse of abounding years ago, old lovers, torn friendships, accomplished shames and humiliations, the abounding unkindness' we do both to ourselves and to others. Anything that hasn't been dealt with, that still has a resonance in our action field, is still demography up amplitude at the lower beating that pertains to these things, will sit uncomfortably with us. Indeed, the bigger beating will be afraid these things up - perceived by us as getting re-visited by old issues. This is an befalling getting accustomed to us to already and for all bright all of this stuff, which has an energy, out of our aureate field.

Why? Because the added of this ataxia we bright out, the added amplitude we accomplish for our college cocky to re-integrate aural us, and the added this happens the afterpiece we appear both alone and collectively to absolutely accomplishing this evolutionary footfall that is absolutely accessible for us as a species.

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