Making Sense Of A Senseless Tragedy

At 4 PM on some abandoned Tuesday, as the Sunscreen song (1997) puts it, some earth-ending about-face has taken place, and those parties to it are baffled to addition cerebral area - almost accepted to life; a accident of absolute hellishness. They have, or bigger put, are, constant a tragedy.

It was something possibly avoidable; something unpredictable; something abundant too aching to contemplate, again or now. The accident is all of these and so abundant more.

How do we accomplish faculty of such a absurd tragedy?

Well, as we may predict, there is no simple acknowledgment to that question, but it helps to accept all sorts of responses to tragedy could be expected.

Making Sense Of A Senseless Tragedy


Reading a Account address on amusing media recently, I was afraid at the arrangement of altered responses to the tragedy that had been appear on. There were responses of condemnation, sympathy, horror, empathy, bewilderment, and sadness, a allotment of abounding more.

I begin it is accustomed for some humans to wish to accusation others, whilst it is appropriately accustomed for others to cool all anticipation of blame. These closing ones are aporetic apropos those who would accusation an innocent affair for any allotment in such tragedy.

Is any individual acknowledgment to a tragedy wrong? If we may acknowledgment "Yes" to that we may bound polarise abroad from the tragedy, itself. For we may be accusable of anticipation another's acknowledgment and, suddenly, there is little allowance for acknowledging those a lot of affected. Then, in the attendance of argument they are alone. But, responses of battle are just as appropriately accustomed as any added response!

There are as abounding accurate responses to tragedy as there are humans who ability advance such responses.

Still, ours is not to judge, just to abutment if we can.

Making Sense Of A Senseless Tragedy


When asleep has taken its allotment in people's lives, affections prevailing agonizingly to the point of absolute captivation in a soul's faculty of chaos, how ability we position ourselves to accomplish faculty (even if that were possible) of the senselessness, in adjustment to help?

1. We should not feel accusable for thanking God that it's not us. Added people's losses should accomplish us added beholden - aural us - for the things we don't have.

2. Accepting activity throws its ambit assurance with corybantic alternation helps. No one can possibly be able for adverse news. Living in the moment will be harder enough. Acceptance of rollercoaster emotions, as best we can, is the key, as is accepting any and all responses of others after acumen or condemnation.

3. Applied abetment is consistently abundantly bare area words of admonition hardly are. We care to consistently accessible our ears, resourcefulness, and minds for adoration and account to help, rather than accessible our mouths with artificial platitudes or opinions - or accord to amusing media altercation (unless it could be abiding to help).

4. Whilst tragedies are generally preventable, abnormally from the aspect of hindsight, our animal attributes dictates that human-caused tragedies accept consistently happened and will consistently appear - to someone; they can and do, indeed, appear to us. What has happened has happened. Having an assessment is venturing into the irrelevant. Anticipation and activity for how we may assist, however, is relevant.

Making Sense Of A Senseless Tragedy

Doing these things, and more, can alone abetment us in allowance area we can.


Making faculty of a absurd tragedy may be an absurd task, yet there are abounding acceptable things we can do to accomplish as abundant faculty of the bearings as we can. Discerning others' needs is a acceptable starting point, as is putting abroad opinions, and afraid with what is relevant. Tragedies crave applied responses.

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