Cheap Car Insurance for Men

Finding cheap car insurance for men is not always easy.  Statistics show that men are three times more likely to be involved in an automobile accident than their female counterparts – men under the age of 25 are at an even greater risk.  These startling statistics have caused insurance companies to take notice and action.  Today, male drivers can expect to pay far higher premium rates than other drivers on the road.

So, is it possible to find cheap car insurance for men?  Especially young men and teenagers?  The answer to that question is invariably yes. But, those lower rates may not offer the complete coverage that men need. Be sure that you understand what an individual policy offers and does not offer before signing on the dotted line.  A discount rate may not be worth the hassle should an accident occur and you need to file a claim.

When shopping for cheap car insurance, men should consider some of these cost-cutting efforts before taking on a policy with limited coverage or even dangerous gaps in important coverage:


Cars with more powerful engines usually cost more to insure.  That means an eight-cylinder engine will have a higher insurance rate than a four cylinder one.  The age, model and even the extra features on your vehicle can all add cost to your insurance policy. Men are notorious for choosing newer sporty “fun” cars to show off.  That is fine if you do not mind paying extra for the privilege.  If, however, you are on a quest for cheaper insurance, then you might want to consider trading it that SUV or other high-end vehicle for an older model mini-van, sedan or smaller standard vehicle that is void of all of those “extras.”

Keeping Your Record Clean

Nothing will kill am man’s insurance rate faster than a poor driving record. That includes more than accidents.  Tickets too can add dollars to your premiums.  Every speeding ticket or other vehicular infraction you get caught with is recorded and your insurance company is notified.  Just one speeding ticket or ticket for running a stop sign can add 5-20% to a man’s annual insurance rate.  Become a habitual ticket collector and you will be considered a high risk driver and pay the price for your sloppiness.  In the event you do find yourself getting a ticket, there is something you can do to help lower your rates again: take a safe drivers class.  Making the commitment to learn safer driving techniques will show your insurance company that you have learned from your mistake and they will likely rescind their rate increase after a few months.

Choosing Your Coverage Carefully

Picking and choosing the type of coverage and riders you have on your vehicle can also keep rates low.  Opt out of any non-essentials that you can (like rental coverage or even collision on older models).  Just be sure that you have the right amount of insurance to cover your expense sin an accident.  It is also important to carry the proper amount and coverage if you have a loan out on your vehicle. Check with your lender for their requirements.

Ask for Discounts

Most insurance carriers offer a myriad of discounts to policyholders; even male ones.  By utilizing all of the discounts you can, you may be able to lower your insurance rates by up to one half.  Here are just some of the most popular auto discounts being offered by the main carriers within the insurance industry:

  • safe driver discount – manage to go a certain amount of time (usually 12-36 months) without filing an insurance claim and get 5-20% off your insurance bill
  • auto theft protection: have an alarm installed in your car and get a break on your insurance bill
  • multi-driver discount:  add another driver to your policy and see your rates shrink. Married drivers typically get an even deeper discount.
  • higher deductible discount: be willing to pay a little more in the event of an accident and you can save big bucks on your annual premium
  • multi-policy discount: be willing to give all of your insurance business to one carrier and you can enjoy deep discounts on them all

At first glance, it may seem as if men pay more in auto insurance than they should, and that may be true. Lucky for them, there are ways to get cheap car insurance – or at least get their rates cut for a better deal. The trick is to be a smart consumer and an even smarter (and safer0 driver.

Son Needs More Coverage

Hello There!  I am intrigued by your illustration here and I thought all this time that Car Liability Insurance is only for damaged property. My son is the one driving our car and he is only 20. I am glad I saw this information so I can add a higher limit to his insurance. I have to call his insurance company and get a higher coverage. I understand now that there are 3 limits and it includes bodily injury. Wow! That is such a relief! My son usually goes to parties and sometimes has a couple of beers when he is out with friends and that worries me so much. I think I have learned more about his insurance now. I have talked to an agent earlier and I discovered he has very low coverage. I don’t think it is enough or him. He is too young and really isn’t that responsible yet. I would not want to end up paying or all his damages when the time comes.

He is also rather accident prone so I hope he will be a little bit more careful with his driving. He has 25/50/25 coverage now and I think I will increase it to 100 /50/100. I don’t mind spending a little bit more so I will be at peace when I sleep at night and he still isn’t home from partying.

I know I still treat him like a baby but he will be 21 years old next year and I hope he will learn more responsibility on the road. I know that if ever he will meet an accident, he will really be at fault. More often than not, he texts or calls while driving. His girlfriend doesn’t help also. She also is a party girl. I hope she will be a good influence and ask him not to text while driving or drive when a couple of beers have. It is better safe than sorry. Thanks for the very useful information guys!

car liability insurance infographic
Infographic by LiabilityInsurance.Org

Car Insurance Rate Comparison

Looking for a quality insurance carrier at a price you can afford?  Comparing rates is easier than ever these days, thanks to the many tools now offered on the internet.   From checking individual companies’ records, to getting actual quotes to compare, the internet is a wonderful way to check and see what options are available and which coverage plans will cost you the least.

Individual Company Websites

The first place you should turn to find out what types of car insurance rates are available to you is to check with individual company websites. Begin with those you know best and then Google for smaller carriers in your area. Easy to use, many carriers now allow potential customers to type in their information and receive a basic quote without being hassled by any salespeople.   Others may require you to at least talk with a sales representative in order to get an actual price quote. Of course picking up the phone and talking with agents for specific companies of interest can also yield the same information – albeit it may take a bit longer to gather.  Contacting each carrier individually will require you to compare those policies (and rates) on your own and it will take more time; but the prices are generally more comprehensive than doing it through a larger search engine product.

Comparison Engines

Don’t have time to log into individual insurance carrier websites to get the information you are after?  Let a comparison engine do the work for you.  Most big carriers now offer this simple tool on their websites as do individual engine comparison sites.  All you have to do is type in some basic information regarding your vehicles like the overage you are after; your driving record and the region in which you live. Within seconds you will have a list of insurance carriers; the products they offer and the prices they charge.  You can streamline your search to include only major carriers or ask the engine to give you rate information form even the smallest carrier.  There is no limit to how many carriers you can compare at one time.

A wonderful way to see at a glance what type of policies different companies offer (and at what price), it is important to understand that not every policy offered through this type of quick search will be equal. There are variables offered by individual companies which could alter the final price of the policy that you choose.  Always take the time to be sure that the prices you are comparing truly are for the same quality product.

Deciding Which Policy Is Best

Of course, price will have a lot to do with which policy you ultimately choose for your car insurance needs. But be careful that you do not simply choose the cheapest insurance, despite what it offers. If you do you risk not having the coverage you need in the case of an accident.

When comparing car insurance rates be sure to always:

  • Consider the companies track record: does this company handle claims quickly and efficiently?  Are they service oriented and helpful?  Will they drop your coverage if you file a claim above a certain amount?  Be sure to check for blog entries regarding a company’s approval rating or check with the Better Business Bureau in your state for complaints.
  • Check what the policy covers.  Not every insurance policy is equal. Some carriers offer very basic plans void of some of the important coverage you may need like collision; medical; passenger coverage; and more.  Deductibles can also vary greatly, which will have a big impact on how much you pay for your insurance. Choosing a cheap policy over a well-rounded policy can lead to hassle and extended costs down the line should you need to make a claim.
  • Consider the overall cost. Sure, the basic plan may seem cheap enough, but if those added riders cost too much, your final bill could be more than the other higher-priced policy you overlooked.  Be sure that the final fees are what you expect before agreeing to nay policy.
  • Check for discounts.  When checking an auto insurance comparison chart, you may see that one company charges a bit more than another. Wait! That price may not be as firm as you think. Check each carrier for discount options.  You may be surprised at how low you can get that final amount. For instance, if company A charges $800 a year for coverage, but offers a 10% multi-driver discount and a 20% safe driver discount, their final price is only $560; compared to company B who charges $680 for coverage, but no comparable discounts.

Looking for the best deal using a car insurance rates comparison chart is a great way to figure out your scar insurance options. But be careful to look at all of the variables before making your final decision and choosing a policy you may later regret.
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